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  1. Get to Know Cascade Hops

    May 20th, 2014 :: dhowe

    Cascade hops are among the most frequently used hop variety in American craft beer. They are especially popular in American pale ales and IPAs.


    This hop contributes to the flavor, aroma and bittering of the beer. Cascade hops are commonly described as having a strong floral and citrus aroma, and sometimes grapefruit.


    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a great example of the use of cascade hops in a pale ale. It still remains a benchmark example for the American pale ale style.


    Cascade hops are used in a number of other popular craft beers. These include Boulevard Pale Ale, Green Flash West Coast IPA, and Anchor Liberty Ale.


  2. New Items from Brooklyn and Victory

    May 19th, 2014 :: dhowe

    Check out these new brews from Brooklyn and Victory hitting the shelves this week…


    Brooklyn Blast


    An imperial IPA that pairs great with your favorite spicy foods. Click image to find a retailer near you.


    Victory White Monkey and Mad King Weiss


    A thirst quenching Weissbier packed with German malt. Click image to find a retailer near you.


    Belgian style Golden Monkey aged in American oak barrels. Click image to find a retailer near you.


  3. The History of Beer in 30 Seconds

    May 16th, 2014 :: dhowe

    Check out this fun video to get a 30 second version of the history of beer.

  4. Hop Farmers in the Neighborhood

    April 18th, 2013 :: Bob Mack

    Today we visited the hop farm on the east side of Indianapolis. It was muddy and wet, but also exciting to see the farm in the early stages. No one was home. We hope they don’t mind if we snapped a few pictures…

    The Indianapolis Business Journal tells the story of these soon-to-be-farmers here.


    99574 Fountain Square Escape from Alcatraz Bock 1/6 KEG

    99577 Fountain Square Harold’s Nut Brown 1/6 KEG

    99573 Fountain Square Escape from Alcatraz Bock 1/2 KEG

    99576 Fountain Square Harold’s Nut Brown 1/2 KEG

    99493 Fountain Square 1221 Russian Imperial Stout 1/6 KEG

    99559 Anchor Flying Cloud Stout 1/6 KEG

    99569 Brooklyn There Will be Black 1/2 KEG

    99570 Brooklyn There Will be Black 1/6 KEG

    99460 Brooklyn Irish Stout  4/6pk 12oz BTL

    99377 Abita Select Wheat India Pale 1/4 KEG

    99579 Three Floyds Zombie Dust  4/6pk 12oz BTL

  6. Liftoff in January

    December 17th, 2012 :: Bob Mack

    Daredevil Brewing: We can almost taste it!

    Daredevil Brewing Co. is an independent, central Indiana based craft brewery that was founded by two award winning craft brewers, Bill Ballinger and Michael Pearson, and a talented craft beer enthusiast, Shane Pearson, who wanted to bring their eclectic and flavorful interpretations of craft beer to market so they can share the beers they love making and drinking.

    Read more here.

  7. December 10th, 2012 :: Bob Mack

    Fountain Square LogoThe latest newsletter from Fountain Square Brewery! Click here for the pdf version.

    Also from Fountain Square –

    Our Escape from Alcatraz Bock is back and has already gotten rave reviews.  Your customers will love it.  This is a traditional German bock with a robust malt character.  Dark amber, in color, this lager is malt forward with toasted and caramel notes that finishes sweet with a very low hop profile.  31 IBU’s 6.3% ABV

    Count Nibula Chocolate Milk Stout has been very popular and is selling like crazy.  This chocolate milk stout is infused with Ecuadorian cacao nibs.  Black and viscous, this stout features slight roasty undertones followed by a sweet chocolate finish.  Full bodied with a creamy head that lingers to the last drop.  35 IBU’s 6% ABV.

    Make sure you plan to celebrate the End of the World.  The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st and some believe that the world , as we know it, will end at this time.  We have brewed our 12-21 Russian Imperial Stout to help celebrate.  It is black and viscous loaded with a blend of chocolate, roasted, flaked and specialty malts including a generous dollop of Germany’s famous beech wood smoked malt.  With an ABV of nearly 12%, your customers are sure to feel better while drinking some 12-21 Russian Imperial Stout.  We are offering only 1/6 barrels and are now taking pre-orders to be delivered before Friday, December 21st, just in time for celebrating.  The one request is that you have to agree not to tap the 21-21 stout until 12-21.  It is first come, first serve so get your orders in to your sales rep asap.  You will probably not see this amazing beer again!

    We also have our tried and true Backyard Porter, Preacher Daughter’s Amber, Hop for Teacher Pale Ale, Workingman’s Pilsner and Big Nuggets IPA.

    There is still some Fountain Square ESB, Cinnamon Girl Autumn Ale, and Dark Mild available.


    99562 Gouden Carolus Noel  30ltr KEY KEG

    94797 Delirium Noel 20ltr KEG

    99554 Straffe Heritage 6pk 750ml BTL

    99552 Lucifer 24pk 16oz CAN

    99566 Samichlaus Classic 6/4pk 11.2oz BTL

    99543 Rivertown Famine 24pk 12oz BTL

    99568 Rivertown Death 1/6 KEG

    99362 Rivertown Ville de Rivere 12pk 750ml BTL


    99561 Bells BA Cherry Stout 1/4 KEG

    99564 Dark Horse Thirsty Trout Porter 1/2 KEG