Supporting Local Beers at the Super Bowl!

January 19th, 2012 :: Bob Mack

Monarch Beverage Co. and World Class Beer have teamed up to be the primary sponsors of free shuttle buses that will circulate visiting and local consumers from the exclusive downtown access area to The Super Celebration Sites of Mass Ave & Fountain Square during the days leading up to Super Bowl XLVI! Bus advertising proceeds will support the operation of the buses and support the Riley Area Development Corp., so we think we found a terrific way to support Indiana brewers and the bars, restaurant and retail stores that support them.

In addition to advertising on 5 shuttle buses, World Class Beer will be spearheading a social media campaign built around the Twitter hashtag #IndianaBeer. Anyone and everyone that cares to talk about Indiana beer can do so and by adding the #IndianaBeer hashtag to their tweets, have their voice heard by thousands of visitors to our city.

We encourage the use of the #IndianaBeer hashtag by all Indiana brewers, distributors, bars, restaurants and retail stores to help share the great beer that we have in Indiana with Super Bowl visitors.

During the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, personnel from Monarch Beverage and World Class Beer will be visiting our partners near and around the downtown area generating social media content and promoting Indiana beer with news about where to find Indiana beer, Indiana beer tappings, Indiana beer specials and giveaways related to Indiana beer. Find us downtown that week and we might even spring for an Indiana beer! World Class Beer will also track all #IndianaBeer mentions via Twitter on their website at

We hope to generate some additional excitement in town with a focus on Indiana beer!

We are primary sponsors, contributing to the costs of 5 shuttles running from 11am til 2am on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. 3 shuttles run from 11am until 2am, with 2 more added, for a total of 5, during the core time of 2pm until 11pm. The buses will originate at the Super Bowl transportation staging area near the Indiana Government Center on Washington Street. They will then take approximately 25 passengers per bus to Fountain Square, then up College Avenue to Mass Ave before heading back to the Indiana Government Center. Along this route, chosen by the Super Bowl Host Committee, the buses will drop passengers at a number of stops nearest the largest concentrations of bars restaurants and retail stores.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to ride the bus! We hope that you will join us downtown during Super Bowl week to enjoy the festivities and of course, a local beer!