Indiana Beers for the Super Bowl

January 8th, 2012 :: Bob Mack

In a few short weeks, Indianapolis will play host to the 2012 Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the largest attended sporting events in the world and one of the biggest advertising and media focused events to boot. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana to shine as business leaders and celebrities descend upon us.

What better time to show the world what fantastic things Indiana brewers are doing?

Of course, the Super Bowl is a corporate event and the corporate beers pay dearly to get their names onto signs, banners, shampoo bottles, potato chip bags and just about anything else that has room for print. Frankly, it’s an advertisers wet dream and the stakes are way too big for Indiana brewers to compete on the level as the big boys.

But we have the advantage. In Indiana we have real people making real beer. And we have passionate drinkers that care about what they consume and who they get their beer from. And we have the means to let visitors to our state know about it.

During the week of the Super Bowl, Monarch Beverage and World Class Beer will be sponsoring free shuttle buses that will run between downtown, Fountain Square and Mass Ave taking visitors to bars, restaurants and stores along the route. On that bus will be advertising for our “Drink Local” campaign along with a Twitter hashtag, #IndianaBeer.

During Super Bowl week, we strongly encourage everyone to use the #IndianaBeer hashtag to get the word out about local beer and where it can be found anywhere that Super Bowl attendees might be drinking!